WVC honors Nationwide’s Linda Markland, RVT

If you want to know the history of pet health insurance in the United States, the person you need to talk to is Linda Markland. That’s because Linda, an RVT, has been a key player in the industry since there was just one company — Veterinary Pet Insurance, now Nationwide®.

For all those years, she has been a strong advocate for what is now a robust industry with many players — although Nationwide, of course, is still dominant. She has been just as strong an advocate for her profession, and for the veterinary community as a whole.

Because of her advocacy, it’s no surprise that she has received many honors for her work. Not long ago, the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association gave her that organization’s highest accolade, the President’s Award. Last month, the Western Veterinary Conference honored her, giving her the WVC Special Service Recognition Award. The honor is given to a member for years of leadership, service, and contributions to the organization’s success.

“I never would have dreamed that having such a satisfying career would result in so many members of the veterinary community showing their appreciation for my work,” said Linda. “It was very gratifying to be recognized for work I love doing for Nationwide Pet.”

I’m honored to have Linda on our Veterinary Relations team, and I’m guessing this latest honor for her won’t be the last!

Congratulations, Linda!