Whole Pet with Wellness: Yes, it’s a game-changer

When we laid out the details of our new Whole PetSM with Wellness percentage of invoice pet health insurance plan to our Nationwide® Veterinary Advisory Board, there was a moment or two of silence, as these colleagues who’ve known us a long time and very, very well recognized what a change this was for our company. And then, one of them said what those of us who have worked on this plan have believed since its inception:

“This is a game-changer.”

Yes, it is. And not just for us.

For those of you in the veterinary community who tend to ignore or put aside anything you see as a sales pitch, who roll your eyes at anything a company says is “new!” or (yes, I admit it) a “game-changer,” well … you need to take a look at this. Because you’re going to be as pleasantly shocked and surprised as our veterinary advisory board members were.

We started pet insurance in the United States, and we have just raised the bar again. Simply put: “If you examine it, prescribe it or treat it, we’ll cover it.” With very few exceptions.

And we’ll cover it at 90 percent of what your pet-owners pay, with an annual (not per-incident) deductible and with no annual cap.

Whole Pet with WellnessLet that sink in a minute. Small print, you say? Well, yes, there’s some. But it’s honestly easier to list what’s not covered than what is. The official lawyer-approved wording goes: *For clients with the Whole Pet with Wellness plan. Items such as grooming, tax, waste disposal, boarding and pre-existing conditions are not eligible for coverage. See policy documents for a complete list of exclusions.”

They left out “acts of war,” but there’s not much else when you do go over our fine print, which I encourage you to do.

So what actually is covered? Pretty much everything. Breed-related cancers? Covered. Specialty care? Covered. Dental care, including preventive? Covered. Office calls, prescriptions, diagnostics, therapeutic diets, anal gland expression, behavior, rehab, complementary, integrative and alternative medicine … Covered.


The plan is so simple and so comprehensive that’s there’s just not much more I can write about it by way of introduction. Except to say I am thrilled that we are offering this, because I know how much it will help pets, their owners and the veterinary community members who desperately want to be able to practice the best medicine, what they know they can and could do if finances didn’t dictate so many decisions pet-owners are heart-broken to make.

Finances … know you’re asking: What does this cost?  As you probably figured out already, it is more expensive than our Major Medical plan, which we retain because it does serve many pet-owners well, and will continue to do. But we’ve priced Whole Pet with Wellness very competitively, and as result it is right at and in some cases below the best plans offered by competitors. That’s true even though our competitors aren’t offering the comprehensive plans we are with Whole Pet with Wellness: Some have per-incident deductibles, some don’t cover office calls, some don’t offer wellness as part of their best plans (it’s an add-on), and some cap their annual benefits.

But don’t take my word for it, as they say: Do your own comparison-shopping.

I’m pretty sure once you do you’ll agree that Whole Pet with Wellness is indeed the game-changer our veterinary advisory board thought it was when we walked them through it. And mind you, these are colleagues who don’t always agree with us; and in fact, they have changed our direction on more than a couple of occasions in past years —  but not this time. This time, they were thrilled with what we planned to do.

You’ll be seeing more about Whole Pet with Wellness in the months to come — although it’s on the market already, as of last Thursday.  In the meantime, if you have a question, drop me a note in the comments here or by e-mail to NationwideDVM@petinsurance.com and I’ll answer in a future post for everyone and send you the answer  directly as well.

Start your research here on our information page for the veterinary community (sign-up is one step, just an e-mail address), or here on our main consumer-facing page. And when you get our box in the mail — if you haven’t already — open it. You’ll be wanting to talk about Whole Pet with Wellness with your clients.

Of this, I have no doubt.

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