When it comes to veterinary professionals, we are the people we serve

Man and woman in scrubs holding a Boston terrier dog.

At Nationwide, we proud to be part of the veterinary community we serve, with about a quarter of the associates in our pet health insurance unit either past or current veterinary professionals — veterinarians and veterinary technicians/nurses — about 175 in all.

Most of those are veterinary technicians/nurses. That’s why National Veterinary Technician Week gets a lot of attention from all of us working in this part of Nationwide’s business.

Although it has been a few years since I’ve been in clinical practice, I well remember how valuable they as veterinary professionals.

In clinical practice, techs/nurses …

  • They are the people who know where to find everything, and how to work most things.
  • They are the pet whisperers who soothe an anxious cat or dog in an exam room, who always have a kind word and a sweet snuggle for an animal in the waiting area, exam room or surgery.
  • They are the educators, armed with the knowledge to explain everything from nutrition to behavior to procedures to pet owners.
  • They are the skilled nurses who insert IVs, wrap wounds, clean teeth and monitor anesthesia.
  • They are the first responders and triage experts who are always in the front lines to help animals when there’s a disaster.

In the veterinary industry …

  • They are the people who educate others in the profession.
  • They are the salespeople who visit practices and work conventions and conferences.
  • They are the experts who provide critical customer service to other veterinary professional.
  • They are the managers with the special expertise on almost every team.

Taken together, we know that veterinary technicians are the glue that holds veterinary medicine together, and the oil that makes all the parts work together smoothly. No good veterinarian takes for granted the contributions these veterinary professionals.

I know I sure don’t.

At Nationwide, we have veterinary technicians and nurses in almost every department at almost every level of management. The skills they bring from working in veterinary practices are about more than knowledge. They are team builders and team leaders, good business people, smart marketers, savvy salespeople and dedicated customer service reps and claims processors.

This week, and indeed every week, we respect, honor and celebrate them. Because as any good veterinarian, practice owner or practice manager will tell you, we couldn’t do what we do without them.