When companies offer pet health insurance as a voluntary benefit, everyone wins

Should veterinarians care if a client buys pet health insurance through payroll deduction? As more and veterinarians learn that these plans make good veterinary care possible, it is indeed worth caring. That’s  because pet health insurance as a voluntary benefit is not only here, but it’s huge. And it’s only going to get bigger.

The Nationwide Pet booth so many of you have seen at conventions has been at the Society for Human Resource Managers conference this week, where HR managers got their picture taken with Jack Hanna while finding more about pet health insurance. The more conference-goers who take home with them a plan to look into pet health insurance for their employees, the more likely it is that you’ll be facing more clients able to say “yes” to your treatment plans.

That’s a very big deal. For the veterinary profession, for pet-lovers, and for pets themselves. Nationwide’s pet health insurance is the Big Dog in the voluntary benefits space, and the plan we’re offering is helping a lot of people pay for the care their pets need — and that you’re ready to provide.

From a post on LinkedIn by Scott Liles, head of Nationwide’s pet-insurance division:

More than 65 percent of Americans own at least one pet, which mean many employees will be faced with budget-busting veterinary expenses. Those worries evaporate with affordable plans available through payroll deduction that quickly put money spent on veterinary care back into the employee’s pocket.

The result for employers: An edge in recruitment, a bump in employee satisfaction and assistance in retaining the very best workers.

That’s why employers like them. Why veterinarians should is simple: The plans we offer through employers are very vet-friendly. As with our Whole Pet With Wellness direct to consumer plan, the My Pet Protector plan offered through employers covers both well-care and medical, at 90 percent after a modest annual deductible.

Some highlights of what these companies are providing their employees when they offer Nationwide’s My Pet Protector plan:

  •  90 percent coverage of almost anything a veterinarian treats, prescribes or recommends. That includes wellness care such as annual check-ups, lab work, heartworm and flea/tick medication and even veterinary diets prescribed for health conditions.
  • Reimbursements of up to $500 annually for advertising and rewards to get a lost pet back home.
  • Up to $500 annually for emergency boarding if a pet’s owner is hospitalized for more than 48 hours.

As Nationwide’s Chief Veterinary Officer, I am proud of how much these plans will help my profession.  With thousands of companies now offering them — including almost half of all Fortune 500 companies — if you haven’t run into a client who pays for pet health insurance through payroll deduction, chances are you will, soon.

And that’s a very good development for us all.