What we love: Working with veterinary colleagues, and giving away prizes

Nationwide's Tara Hustedde and Dr. Michael Noyes.

Do you ever wonder who wins those prizes at trade show booths? We can’t speak for every company, of course, but we’re always happy to share the good news for ourselves.

Following the VMX conference, we had a random drawing for a $500 Amazon gift card for someone who visited our booth. And the winner is …

Dr. Michael Noyes of the Gulf Coast Veterinary Center in Tampa, Fla.

From our regional sales manager, Ramon Manglicmot:

As strategic veterinary sales representatives at Nationwide Pet, we’re always thrilled when we can celebrate milestones, successes and “wins” with the veterinarians we serve. To that end, it was an exciting day when the Gulf Coast Veterinary Center in Tampa, Fla., was presented with a $500 Amazon gift card from Pet’s regional sales representative, Tara Hustedde.  Hustedde brought balloons and coordinated a surprise lunch for Dr. Michael Noyes and his team.

Dr. Michael Noyes and his wife, Dr. Julie Noyes, visited the Nationwide Pet booth at the VMX conference last month in Orlando.  Gulf Coast Veterinary Center has two locations, one in Tampa and the other in Spring Hill. The doctors split their time between each practice and along with the practices’ owner, Dr. Ronald Hamilton.  They serve clients (and their furry friends) from as far north as Gainesville to as far South as Sarasota.

Last year, Hustedde and I visited the Tampa practice location for the first time for a Lunch and Learn on pet health insurance. Since that meeting, Gulf Coast Veterinary has been active in promoting and sharing what information on pet health insurance with their clients.

They have also attended Nationwide-sponsored VMC seminars with Mark Opperman.  Dr. Michael Noyes will also be taking part in a Vitus Vet demo later this year to see if this could also be a beneficial addition to his practice operations.

We look forward to continued success in working closely with Gulf Coast Veterinary Center!

Thank you, Ramon!