Practice Manager of the Year: ‘First ever’ has such a nice ring to it

We all know the challenges faced by the veterinary community can be sobering, and we outlined many of them in our landmark VPI-Veterinary Economics Financial Health Study realease earlier this year (download your copy here).  But there are always people who see only opportunity in challenges, and I want to celebrate one such person.

He’s Shawn Gatesman of Heartland Veterinary Clinic in Harrisonburg, Va., and he was recently named the 2014 Veterinary Economics Practice Manager of the Year. One of 10 nominees, Gatesman is the first to win the award, which was sponsored by us here at VPI. With the award, he picked up  a trip to CVC Kansas City, a monetary prize and a seat on the Veterinary Economics’ editorial advisory board for one year.

Here’s why he won, from an article on

Gatesman described how, while revamping his practice’s dental services, he implemented a method of departmentalizing his team, creating specialists in certain areas. “We considered focusing our team on specialties, where doctors and veterinary technicians rotate less often and become more capable and efficient in some areas,” he says. “We reviewed our goals as a practice and over several meetings with team members and department leads, we took that info and worked it into a departmentalized setup. Not only have team members thrived, but the practice has seen marked increases in services production and a level of care to go right along with it.”

Here’s  an interview of him, from CVC:

The guidelines for the 2015 Practice Manager of the Year contest will be announced at CVC San Diego.  I’ll be there, and I hope you will be, too.

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