VPI has always valued — and celebrated — veterinary technicians

Given the work we do here at VPI, it should not come as much of a surprise how many of our associates are veterinary technicians. It has been that way since the beginning.

Over the years our esteem for their pet-care expertise, their compassion and their from-the-trenches common sense has grown along with their numbers. Today, we have approximately 75 veterinary technicians working at VPI, about one-third of whom are formally licensed.

No surprise, either, that we celebrate National Veterinary Technician Week here in our offices. Our company’s veterinary technicians are showing pride in their profession, wearing their scrubs to work.

As for me, I am like almost every veterinarian I know in believing that veterinary technicians make the work of veterinary medicine possible, day in and day out.  They are skilled surgical nurses and keen diagnosticians, savvy handlers of all kinds and sizes of animals, and of pet owners and veterinarians alike. That’s true in veterinary practices, and that’s true here at VPI.

Yes, I said that they’re skilled handlers of veterinarians, and don’t we all know it? That’s why I enjoyed this video from Dr. Andy Roark on Vetstreet.com, with its short, sweet and perfect presentation of why veterinarians – and everyone who works at VPI – appreciate veterinary technicians, and why pet owners should, too.

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Help share our Halloween safety tips

Looking for some information to share about Halloween hazards? Our VPI team has a great graphic that puts everything in one place.  This version is perfect for sharing on social media and on weblogs, but we also have a high-resolution PDF version that you can print out to share: Click here to download.

Here’s the online version. Right-click on your mouse and hit “save image as,” and then use it our best wishes.

2890_Halloween Fun and Foe Infographic_300dpi

Please help us get the word out and save some pets.