Three questions for … Dr. Amy Mohl of Veterinary Team Brief

With summer here and our student features on hiatus until fall, my team thought it would be helpful to profile some of the students — now veterinarians — we’ve known over the years. We knew they’d do well at whatever they turned their focus to! First up: Amy (Graham) Mohl, DVM, the medical director at Brief Media and the editor of Veterinary Team Brief. She’s a graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine at The Ohio State University.

Dr. Mohl was the 2006 National Secretary of the Veterinary Business Management Assoc. (VBMA).  She’s the first VBMA alumni we will be featuring in a series leading up to the Nationwide VBMA Alumni Conference, Nov. 4-5, 2018, at the Four Seasons hotel in St. Louis. More information:

How did your participation in the VBMA  at the leadership level change your perspectives while you were a veterinary student?

My experience was in the early days, when schools were just getting chapters up and running, and we were working to establish the national VBMA. I came to veterinary school after several years working in a small animal private practice, realizing that many of the job’s headaches were business-related. When the opportunity came up to be involved in a group actively trying to educate future veterinarians to be better business owners, it was too good to pass up.

In working with our local chapter, I realized practitioners were excited and willing to support this group, and they recognized the need for business education in vet school. The amazing support from Ohio State and industry members who realized the value of what we were trying to accomplish and how it would help the profession in the long run was inspiring. The valuable experience of building an organization with my peers opened my eyes to all the facets of this profession, beyond the medicine. There are so many opportunities in veterinary medicine. VBMA allowed me to step back and see some of that bigger picture while I was still a student.

DrAmy2What was the highlight of your VBMA experience?

The connections I made with amazing people in this profession. I have dear friends whom I never would have met if not for my experience in the early days of the national VBMA. Those relationships have opened doors for me and led me down a career path I didn’t even know was possible, and allowed me to have an amazing support network both in my personal life and my career. Many of my lasting friendships from my time in vet school are directly connected to my time with the VBMA.

As a national officer, I found working with sponsors and getting to know companies and how they support the profession to be a fantastic experience. Some of the relationships I developed with industry supporters (including Dr. McConnell!) almost 15 years ago, when we started the OSU chapter and national VBMA, are still going strong. Those experiences helped me see how many opportunities there are to be successful in this industry and find a career path that makes lasting impact on the profession. I love clinical practice, but even more, I love knowing that I have a hand in continuing to educate veterinarians, practice managers, veterinary nurses, and everyone on the practice team.

What are you doing now, and how do you think that relates to your VBMA experience?

I am currently medical director at Brief Media and editor of Veterinary Team Brief. I spend my time coordinating our team of veterinarians across all Brief Media brands (Clinician’s Brief, Veterinary Team Brief, Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs) and making sure everything we publish is practical and relevant to veterinarians and veterinary practice teams. As editor, I plan the content calendar for Veterinary Team Brief: I identify topics, select authors, review all content, and strategize how we can continue to help veterinary professionals grow and be the best they can be. Our goal at Veterinary Team Brief is to help every member of the team reach new heights in business, medicine, and life.

This position allows me the flexibility to be home with my young children and get involved at their school and in our community, and is the perfect extension of my time with the VBMA. I spend every day continuing to build on the skills I learned through the VBMA, further developing relationships formed via the VBMA, and helping bring business and professional skills to veterinary teams across the country and around the world.