Where are veterinary prices heading now? Stay tuned!

Veterinary prices up or prices down? We’ll be letting the veterinary community know in just a few days now, as we’ll be releasing our second refresh of the Nationwide® | Purdue Veterinary Price Index on Sunday at 6 p.m. ET.

We’ll be presenting at the North American Veterinary Community conference, and the executive summary will go live for downloading on this site at the same time, in our Studies and Research section.  As I’ve been involved in every stage of the development of our Veterinary Price Index, I know it inside and out. And I know that this one will be as talked about as the first two have been, which is to say: Very talked about indeed.

CoverDr. Logan Jordan, Associate Dean of the Krannert School of Management at Purdue, will be the main presenter. Our director of research and and marketing strategy, Dr. Kerry O’Hara, and I will also be presenting and answering questions.

I’m really proud of the work we’ve done  with using our claims data in service to the veterinary community, to pet owners and to the pets we all care for and about.  It shouldn’t surprise anyone that we’ve done so, however:  We’ve been this way since the day we opened our doors. We were founded by veterinarians, and we support veterinarians still. We also support pet-owners, and we definitely support the idea of veterinarians and pet-owners working together for better health for our animal companions.

Our history and our standing in the industry put us in a unique position to see what’s going on in the world of companion-animal medicine. We’ve always worked to share that knowledge, but we’ve stepped up our efforts in the last two years.  We’ve hired people to help us leverage our own claims database and our deep industry knowledge with the goal of providing veterinarians with the information they need to make good decisions for themselves and their practices.

While we’re putting the final coat of polish on the Veterinary Price Index, I want to point out a previous project you might have missed, but probably will find useful. In 2014, we partnered with Veterinary Economics/DVM360.com in collaboration with Brakke Consulting to bring the veterinary community our VPI-Veterinary Economics Financial Health study.  If you’ve ever wondered how your finances stack up in relation to your peers, you need to check out this earlier report, from before our name change!

You can find all our research reports in the studies and research section of this website, or just click here. You’ll find the latest refresh of the Nationwide® | Purdue Veterinary Price Index there as soon as the presentation begins at the NAVC conference.  A summation of the previous two Price Index releases can be found here.