Nationwide®’s program for schools and colleges of veterinary medicine

The Nationwide® Veterinary College Program was designed with Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA) in mind. The goal is to provide future veterinarians with a better understanding of business and management principles that will help them succeed in veterinary practice.

Our team of field veterinarians is available to present educational lectures that help satisfy credits toward the VBMA Business Certificate Program to all 30 U.S.VBMA Chapters and three Caribbean (Ross, St. Matthews and St. Georges Universities) Chapters.

Meet our team of field veterinarians

Educational lectures

Nationwide’s sponsored educational lectures discuss:

  • The benefits of pet health insurance for pets, pet owners, veterinary practices and the veterinary profession.
  • The mechanics of how Nationwide’s portfolio of financial solutions enable pet owners to provide veterinary care.
  • Ways to increase revenue in practices.

Attending and participating in the Nationwide Pet Insurance lecture fulfills one BCP credit in Category II,  and attending and participating in the Nationwide Business Finance lecture fulfills 1 BCP credit in Category I.

College schedule

Educational lectures are scheduled directly with each independent VBMA Chapter. To schedule a lecture date for your VBMA Chapter, please e-mail the Veterinary Education Programs Manager.

Nationwide-VBMA revenue exercise

Nationwide is honored to support the VBMA. Keeping with Nationwide’s belief in and support of veterinary business education, an additional 30-minute revenue lecture accompanied by a 30-minute exercise was created for VBMA members looking to acquire additional BCP Category I credit.

Through the Nationwide-VBMA Revenue Exercise, we hope to increase your business knowledge and understanding of:

  • How your gross revenue production can have a direct impact on your salary, making you more knowledgeable during your salary negotiations with a potential future employer.
  • How various types of financial services or products can influence the gross revenue you generate for your practice – also making you more marketable as a graduating veterinary student.
  • How your participation can earn BCP credit category I and help you complete a personal budget, fulfilling the Personal Finance section of the BCP Honors portfolio.

To participate in the revenue exercise:

  1. Attend a 30-minute webinar, given by your region’s Nationwide field veterinarian (when scheduled on your campus by one of your VBMA Chapter Officers)
  2. Complete the online personal finance simulator/budget – website below (15 minutes)
  3. Complete the Pet Insurance Revenue Exercise and the Preventive Care Plan Revenue Exercise (10-20 minutes each)

Then,  submit the completed steps 1 and 2 to your chapter’s Nationwide-VBMA Coordinator by your chapter’s deadline

Personal financial simulator

Nationwide’s customized financial simulator is specifically designed for veterinary students to calculate the salary amount you need to manage your monthly expenses as a new veterinary graduate. Knowing your personal financial cash flow needs is essential to negotiating that first job! Completing the personal financial Simulator is step 1 of the Revenue Exercise and also fulfills the Personal Finance section of the VBMA BCP Honors Portfolio.

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