Three questions for … Lincoln’s Sharon Swears (2022)

Veterinary students volunteering for World Vets

We’re deep into our school year now, with visits to veterinary schools and colleges from now until the end of the academic year. For her visit to the College of Veterinary medicine at Lincoln Memorial University, Nationwide® field veterinarian Dr. Emily Tincher chose Sharon Swears for our “Three questions” student feature. And here are her answers:

Will you please share something unexpected you discovered or learned on your path into veterinary medicine?

As veterinary students, we have the opportunity to venture into many different fields in veterinary medicine. My initial thoughts were that I should determine what field I want to go into, such as small animal or mixed animal general practice, and  stick to that career path.

Through networking, I have learned that this is not the case for many veterinarians. I have been encouraged me to keep an open mind because many have had opportunities that they would have never expected to be a part of. Veterinary medicine is a  field that allows my peers and I the opportunity to make an impact as a veterinarian in many different ways,  and this makes me excited to see what the future holds for me as a veterinarian.

Lola picture hikingWhat is your vision for the future of veterinary medicine and how does it influence the way you’re preparing?

While animals are the primary driving force of this field, the connection with the client through all of the veterinary facets is an even greater driving force. The ability to connect and empathize with clients is what builds trust and a strong relationship. The world revolves around connections you make, thus in order to further this career we must better connect with our clients to educate and help build the relationship.

Although students may take different paths such as small animal general practitioner, equine practitioner, or pathologist, it remains our job as the future of this profession to educate the public.

Can you tell us one thing about yourself that would surprise your veterinary colleagues?

During my trip to Ecuador in association with World Vets, I visited a shaman instead of going to the equator. It was an unforgettable experience!


Thank you, Sharon and Dr. Tincher!