Three questions for … Savannah Giannasi, VA-MD

The last couple of featured students have mentioned the supportive environment students provide for each other, an observation that makes me very happy. Savannah Giannasi of the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine (Class of 2020) made that observation as well. She was chosen by Nationwide field veterinarian Dr. Tonya Sparks.  Here are Savannah’s answers:

Will you please share something unexpected you discovered or learned on your path into veterinary medicine?

It surprised me to learn how close and supportive of one another everyone in the veterinary field is. Getting into veterinary school is a very competitive process. So, I thought that school itself would be just as competitive. On the contrary, I have found all my classmates to be highly encouraging of one another. They’re always there to help if someone else is going through a tough time, or struggling with a certain subject matter.

Savannah2What is your vision for the future of veterinary medicine, and how does it influence the way you’re preparing to become a doctor?

One thing I believe will shape the future of veterinary medicine is continued pharmaceutical restrictions. This means we may need to start looking to other treatment modalities. I’m currently studying to become certified in veterinary acupuncture. Although acupuncture can’t replace antibiotics or anesthesia, it may be a great adjuvant for things such as pain management or bladder control. My hope is that through acupuncture I will be able to provide owners with options besides pharmaceuticals when appropriate.

Can you tell us one thing about yourself that would surprise your veterinary colleagues?

My favorite things to do outside of veterinary school are anything outdoors, but specifically hiking. After a stressful week of studying and exams, there’s nothing that calms me down more than getting out in the Blue Ridge Mountains with my Sheltie, Brody. I’m starting to challenge myself to perform more difficult hikes, and hope to do something like Mt. Rainier post-graduation. But we will have to see about that!


Thank you, Savannah and Dr. Tonya Sparks!