Three questions for … Dr. Nathanael Oster

We’ve been revisiting some of our favorite veterinary students to catch up with where these folks are now. Dr. Nathanael Oster (Penn ’12) was Penn’s VBMA Chapter President in 2009, and National President in 2010.

We have some questions for him:

How did your participation in the VBMA at the leadership level change your perspectives while you were a veterinary student?

My experience changed my perspectives in too many ways to list, actually. Many of them we have all heard before. So I will reach down for a deep-cut lesson here, and say that I learned that other people almost always are better gauges of what we are capable of doing than we are ourselves.

In retrospect, what was the highlight of your VBMA experience?

Meeting people. Meeting people. And meeting people. Hands down.

Nathanael3bWhat are you doing now, and how do you think that relates to your VBMA experience?

I often say I left a job that I loved for a job that I love even more, and that is a pattern I intend to continue throughout my career. Having left a wonderful and rewarding feline-only practice to join (then) Merial as a professional services veterinarian, I started a career with expanding potential and a seemingly unending network of colleagues.

As I sit and think about it for this post, this is in fact the essence of my VBMA experience: Careers will expand and contract, move across the board, or even stay still if you like. To maintain control of the movement, however, I have had to stay active in the present but spare some daily consciousness to think about a three-year plan.

My “NOW” is doing my best job as a veterinary consultant and teacher while sparing some time to travel the world. My future is going to rely heavily on my current efforts to complete my MBA at Temple University.


Thanks, Nathanael! I’ll be keeping up with you as you complete that MBA!