The VBMA: My 2017 dinner with the future!

Every year at the AVMA Convention I have the honor of taking the leaders of the national VBMA out to dinner. This year was no different: I indeed felt honored in the presence of so many smart, savvy veterinary students, and came away knowing our veterinary profession was in good hands.

If you don’t know about this extraordinary group, with active chapters at all accredited veterinary schools and colleges in the United States as well as many internationally, you owe it to yourself to find out more!

Here are the names of the 2017 and incoming 2018 Officers:

  • 2017 Officers:  Lance Kidder – President, Kate McDaniel – Vice President, Joseph Kamper – Compliance Director, Laura Philbin, – Business Certificate Director, Jack Perkins – Treasurer, and Layna Irwin – Marketing Director
  • 2018 Officers  Rachael Ostrem – President (Iowa), Rachel Katz – Compliance Director (Penn), Rebecca Beardall – Vice President (Georgia), Abbey Earle – Business Certificate Director (Penn), Faith Ramsey – Marketing Director (Illinois), and Cody Land – Treasurer (Purdue)

Thanks as always to Nationwide Pet‘s veterinary education coordinator (and photographer) Nicole Numbers, and to our field veterinarians in attendance. I’ll be writing about them when we all get home from the conference!