Take a look at the next generation of veterinary leadership

Nationwide® has long been a supporter of the Veterinary Business Management Association. As VPI®, we were there since the very beginning.
The goal of helping veterinary student know more about business and finance has been one my personal favorites as well. People who know me well know that personal finance is a “hobby” of mine, and of course, my MBA speaks to my interest in business.
With all this in mind, I want to send my congratulation to the next group of national VBMA leaders, the 2017 officers:
  • Lance Kidder, President, Washington State University, 2019
  • Kaitlin McDaniel, Vice-President, Missouri, 2019
  • Jack Perkins, Treasurer, University of Pennsylvania, 2019
  • Laura Philbin, Business Certificate Director, Western University, 2018
  • Layna Irwin, Marketing Director, Colorado State University, 2018
  • Joseph Kamper, Compliance Director, LSU, 2019
Congratulations, all!
Pictured is a group shot from the AVMA conference, of the 2016 and 2017 officers. Click to make larger.