Super Bowl: A golden opportunity for veterinary practices everywhere

Scout, the Super Bown dog, with a veterinarian

The news swiftly went viral when one of the Super Bowl advertisers decided to use its $5 million spot to raise money for the veterinary school at the University of Wisconsin. As a strong supporter of our schools and colleges of veterinary medicine, we at Nationwide loved to see it, and shared it to our veterinary-focused Facebook pages and our personal LinkedIn accounts, too.

But we got to asking ourselves: Is there a social media play for other schools and colleges of veterinary medicine, and for veterinary practices from this Super Bowl moment?

We think there is!

Share one of the articles (links at the bottom) and offer:

1) A post for clients about the “signs of cancer” and encourage pet-owners to have symptoms checked out.

2) A post about how veterinarians and veterinary schools and colleges are an essential part of *human* health, and how health professionals work together to help both animals and people. (“One Health”)

3) A post about a survivor pet from your own practice (with owner permission, of course!).

Drafting off a major media event, especially a “good news” one, is one of the easier ways to engage your clients and attract new ones. Don’t worry about the Negative Nellies who will complain that the money should have gone directly to the school. While it’s unknown as of yet if the fund-raising will top the cost of the ad spot, the awareness of treatments for cancer in pets and the role of one of our great veterinary schools is worth a great deal! And WeatherTech would have spent the money on an ad anyway.

This way? Win-win!

So go post the good news!

From the University of Wisconsin, here’s the story behind the Super Bowl ad:

Links to news coverage:

Wisconsin Journal, .

Washington Post


USA Today

These are just a few, of course, and there are plenty of others if you’d like even more choice!