Good news, bad news … and plans for a better future

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It’s not by accident that Veterinary Pet insurance has the word “veterinary” in the name of our company. We are the first American pet-health insurer, and as we have watched others come and go, I think one of the reasons we’re not only still here, but also still the Big Dog in the industry. We don’t pay “lip service” to the idea of being there for veterinarians:  The influence, guidance and support of the veterinary community have helped make us the premier pet insurance company from the start. To date, 11 veterinarians and more than 90 employees with veterinary practice experience work for VPI to ensure that we stay abreast of pet health trends and current veterinary practices.

We’ve been this way since the day we opened our doors: We were founded by veterinarians, and we support veterinarians still. We also support pet-owners, and we definitely support the idea of veterinarians and pet-owners working together for better health for our animal companions.

WVC Symposium Program AnnouncementOur history and our standing in the industry put us in a unique position to see what’s going on in the world of companion-animal medicine. We’ve always worked to share that knowledge, but recently we’ve stepped up our efforts. We’ve hired people to help us leverage our own claims database and our deep industry knowledge with the goal of providing veterinarians with the information they need to make good decisions for themselves and their practices.

That’s why we partnered with Veterinary Economics in collaboration with Brakke Consulting to bring the veterinary community our VPI-Veterinary Economics Financial Health study. We offered a tip-of-the-iceberg look at the data to a packed room full of veterinary leaders last month at the North American Veterinary Community Conference and and now we’re back with two open seminars at the Western Veterinary Conference. (Click on the picture for a larger version, with full details.)

This morning’s seminars will present a more in-depth look at the data … and will help to start the conversation about the solutions we need to see developing if we are to ensure a secure future for our profession. The conversation has already begun at, and even if you’re not at WVC, you can get much of the information we’re offering there. Just look to the right and click on “Access the Complete Library” for our reports from WVC and NAVC both. We have even more information coming, and we’ll post PDFs for sharing as soon as it’s available.

And that’s not all: I’ll be writing a great deal more on the topic of financial health, including a post discussing how practice ownership may be the best way to overcome the burden of student loans. Counter-intuitive to some, perhaps, but I hope you be back to read what the experts say.

Stay tuned. We’ve made a commitment to the veterinary community to use our resources to help, and what we’ve done at NAVC and WVC is just the very beginning.