Practice Insights: Why ‘show-and-tell’ helps your clients

Our team here at Nationwide® has been putting out an excellent free e-newsletter for veterinary practices, veterinarians, techs, students and practice managers for months now, and this month I started contributing a “Dr. McConnell’s Corner” to the mix. I’ve been  looking forward to adding even more to a super collection of short features from a company that knows what it’s like to be a member of the veterinary community.

We count more than 100 veterinarians and veterinary technicians as associates, people who know what it’s like in veterinary practices —  the highs and the lows both. I am committed to the veterinary community to which I contribute and belong. That’s how I feel in my work as Chief Veterinary Officer, and in our offices I am far from alone.

Practice Insights
Here’s an excerpt from our latest Practice Insights, and you can click here to view the rest from our August edition. To get Practice Insights delivered to your e-mail inbox every month, add your e-mail to the box in the right rail of this page (just below the green section). Here’s the feature:

One thing we hear from pet owners is that they don’t like it when their dog or cat disappears into the back, leaving them waiting and wondering in the exam room. To be sure, there are many good reasons to take a pet away from a client and into your treatment area. Not all of them outweigh the damage that you may be doing to your practice’s relationship with pet-owners. You’re also missing an opportunity to instill value in the eyes of your clients by showing off the expertise of you and your staff.

You’re probably already familiar with low stress handling techniques, such as those pioneered by the late Dr. Sophia Yin and as well as the development of the Cat Friendly Practice program of the American Association of Feline Practitioners. When animals are happy – or at least not stressed out and anxious – you will be able to do more procedures in front of your clients, and explain what you’re doing as you do it.

Despite our improved economy, figures show that wages have yet to recover. That means that many of your clients still feel financially strapped and need to see the value in what you and your staff do. So show off your knowledge and your skills! By doing more in front of your clients, you will continue educating them as you go.

Relaxed pets you can work with in the exam room mean happier, more compliant clients. The more you show and explain, the more likely your client is to accept your recommendations. And that means better health for the pets in your practice – and for your bottom line.

There’s more in the complete newsletter, of course, including tips on how to use Facebook’s tools (including its “offer” section), a feature on our latest student externs, and tips on how to increase compliance with your medical recommendations by “showing and telling” in the exam room. There’s also a link to our Digital Media Kit with free “fully vetted” infographics to help you with client education.

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