Puppy pilfered pants? No problem for Poughkeepsie practice!

Of all the Hambone Award nominees we’ve ever had, I don’t ever remember a story quite like this one. Great work by the Arlington Animal Hospital PC outside of New York City both for saving the dog and the … well, read on …

From our Hambone Nation blog:

Cassandra and Matt were getting their two daughters ready for bed when Myles ran into the room and clumsily attempted to climb onto a rocking chair. As the couple was changing the toddlers, Myles sneakily snatched Norah’s recently discarded trousers and took off towards his crate. Cassandra noticed the behemoth’s familiar sprint and gave chase.

“I knew he had grabbed something, but I couldn’t tell what it was,” said Cassandra. “He had only been in his crate for a few seconds, but by the time I got there, he had swallowed something. I checked inside his mouth and in his crate for clues, but I couldn’t find anything.”

pantsLater that night, neither Cassandra nor Matthew could find Norah’s pants from earlier in the day. They searched throughout the house with no luck. Their suspicions began to grow that Myles may be the culprit.

“All signs pointed to Myles, but we didn’t think it was even possible for him to swallow something that large in that short period of time,” said Cassandra. “We kept an eye on him just in case, but he acted like his normal self until nearly a week later.”

We all know where those pants were, don’t we? As soon as the puppy started vomiting, his owners took him to the Poughkeepsie practice. After they removed the pants, the team  realized the item was in one piece. So they washed them and gave them back to the family.

Gotta love the humor we share along with our love for pets!  While at Nationwide we don’t give awards for making us laugh, the Arlington Animal Hospital PC is up for another award: A $10,000 grant to help pets whose owners can’t afford veterinary care. Good luck!

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  1. We are so happy and relieved that surgery went well, and that “Myles” is doing great. We hope that he will no longer try to help Mom with the laundry! Thanks for taking time to recognize our hospital!

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