Help your clients with disaster planning that includes their pets

Our Pet HealthZone used to be primarily articles, and some videos, about all the topics pet owners ask about. We wanted it to be a one-stop shop for people looking for resources, and we made sure that everything was written and/or reviewed by veterinarians for accuracy. And of course, with the idea reinforced that a pet’s own veterinarian should always be the most important source of advice and care.

But even though articles still make up the bulk of our reference library, our team has moved to convert much of this information into the accessible infographics that have become a staple of social media platforms. I think they’ve done a wonderful job!

I’m going to start including items, including these marvelous inforgraphics, every Thursday on this blog. I want to call them out so you can share them with your clients. On social media (follow me by clicking on the icons at the top of the page), I’ll be tagging them as #vetcareshare.

Here’s the first: An infographic that explains what to pack in a grab-and-go bag for pets to be prepared for any emergency, because we all know that pets must be included in disaster planning!

Provided by VPI Pet Insurance

You can pick up the embed codes here, to make it easy to share on your practice’s website, blog or social media pages.