Oscar-inspired pet names? We have some likely suspects!

Much of my work as Nationwide’s chief veterinary medical officer involves pet health and pet-related finances. And while I love my job, I am truly grateful when our public-relations team comes up with lighter topics that make me smile. Like these Oscar-inspired pet names.

On Feb. 26th, of course, cinema’s outstanding actors and actresses will vie to win the most prestigious awards in the motion picture industry. With more than 1,300 Nationwide insured pets named “Oscar,” it’s no secret that many of our members will be tuning in.

In honor of 89th Academy Awards, Nationwide, the nation’s first and largest provider of pet health insurance, analyzed its database of more than 600,000 insured pets to find the most popular Oscar nominee related pet names. And the nominees are (total number of pets sharing name in parenthesis):

Actor Actress Movie
1.    “Casey” Affleck (779) 1.    “Emma” Stone (1,295) 1.    “Piper” (1,161)
2.    “Lucas” Hedges (259) 2.    Octavia “Spencer” (379) 2.    “Jackie” (197)
3.    Mahershala “Ali” (138) 3.    “Isabelle” Huppert (187) 3.  “La La” Land (49)
4.   Michael “Shannon” (47) 4.    “Natalie” Portman (31) 4.   “Moonlight” (19)
5.  Andrew “Garfield” (41) 5.    “Ruth” Negga (29) 5.   “Lion” (14)

Other notable Oscar worthy names that didn’t quite make the list include “Viola” Davis (19), “Denzel” Washington (7), and “Meryl” Streep (7). The most unique cinema-inspired name goes to a cat named “Leonardo DiCATprio” who was the winner of Nationwide’s Wacky Pet Names competition in 2015.