One-stop shopping for your practice’s social media, waiting room and more

As we transition from Veterinary Pet Insurance to Nationwide, we’re updating as much as we can to make things easier for our customers and for the veterinary community as well. The new pet-owner-facing website at isn’t quite ready to debut, but some of our other features are.

Of course, one of these new sites is my blog, which you’re reading now.  This was the very first of our online properties to transition, but there are many yet to come. One thing that is in “transition mode” now but still very helpful is a site our veterinary marketing folks put together to make it easy to find, choose and order from what we provide to the veterinary community.

Here’s that link.

You need to sign up, but you don’t need a password to keep visiting. I recommend that all veterinarians, practice owners, practice managers, veterinary technicians and social media managers check it out. I promise you that you’ll find something valuable — and free! — to help educate your clients.

I hope you like our one-stop shopping!