New look, more features for veterinary community

Last fall, I used my blog to share the news that VPI — founded by veterinarians, the oldest and still largest provider of pet health insurance — would be transitioning to a new name — Nationwide. What you see here is one of the signs that that effort has entered the home stretch.

On this new site and across all my social media platforms, our veterinary side (and specifically, my own online presence) is now NationwideDVM. But I know the shift from VPI red to Nationwide blue isn’t as interesting to you as what that shift means for the veterinary community, so I’ll jump right into it by showing off the additional features I asked our team to add when redesigning this blog, now at its new address —

  • More ways to connect: We’ve given you more ways to get to the resources you want and need, with less searching around. As software designers realized long ago, some people naturally search for things in one way, while others take a different route. That’s why you can use pull-down menus or keyboard shortcuts. We’re taken the same strategy, offering ways to find what you’re looking for on almost all pages, in the pull-down site navigation and in other ways as well. If you’re a student looking for resources, a practice manager looking to order materials or a veterinarian helping a client with a claim, you’ll be able to find that information easily, no matter what route you take.
  • Easier access to our peerless research, studies and white papers: In the last two years we’ve made a conscious effort to share information from our database with the veterinary community as well pet-owners. Simply put, no U.S. pet health insurer has the claims data we do, and no competitor ever will. Historical trends, current disease or pricing data: We have that.  We’ve made a big splash with our first two big projects — the VPI-Veterinary Economics Financial Health Study (2014) and the Nationwide® | Purdue Veterinary Price Index (2015, with regular updates), but believe me, those were just the beginning. We have more big projects in the pipeline, and lots of smaller ones, too.
  • Bigger focus on students: We’ve provided resources for veterinary students for as long as we’ve offered pet health insurance, but I have to admit those resources haven’t always been easy to find out more about. That’s why I’ve asked for a student section in the navigation, to help our next generation access what we offer so they can work through the challenges of preparing for and launching the career they’ve worked so hard for.
  • More ways to find out more: You can sign up for our monthly e-mail newsletter, Practice Insights, or follow me on my social media platforms with just a few clicks. You won’t want to miss out on the information we’ll be sharing with the veterinary community in the months and years to come. It’s all on out home page, so click and join me!

And as always, you can reach me with your ideas, suggests or anything else that’s on your mind — just click on our Contact page.