Nationwide works with Disney for Doc McStuffins: Pet Vet

There’s hardly a veterinarian or veterinary technician alive who doesn’t remember what it was like to be an animal-loving child with dreams of being part of the veterinary community. Once we’ve achieved our goal, it’s our honor, our duty and most of all our pleasure to encourage the children who are dreaming those same dreams, today.

That’s why I was pleased when Nationwide and Disney got together to use Disney’s Doc McStuffins character to support the veterinary community’s  work in encouraging, educating and supporting the next generation of animal-lovers — and among them, the next generation of veterinarians!

Doc McStuffins: Pet VetI’m even happier that this collaboration has produced materials that are perfect for sharing in your practices and in your community as well. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing these materials on my social media channels ( and @NationwideDVM on Twitter, Instagram and others), following their release on Nationwide’s social media and on our new NationwidePet social media channels  for pet-lovers everywhere.

(By the way: The new NationwidePet is part of our final stages of transition from Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) to Nationwide. Our longstanding domain will remain in use, but this week the VPI branding drops off there. Other VPI sites will follow in the weeks to come. The first appearance of Nationwide branding for us, fittingly, was in the veterinary community, with the debut of a new booth at the NAVC convention. The first website to make the change was this one!)

The centerpiece of the Nationwide-Disney collaboration is a new  “Doc McStuffins: Pet Vet” series that premiered last Friday on the Disney Channel. In it, Doc opens a veterinary practice in her backyard clinic where she treats stuffed animals and toys. This new special series highlights the care and responsibility for family pets.

But that’s just the start.  In our Pet HealthZone we now have a Kids Corner where we’ve put all the Doc McStuffins: Pet Vet material. It’s free for you to use, and it helps us all if you do — kids, pets, parents and the veterinary community alike! Check out the collection! I especially like the activity sheets, and can’t wait to look for an opportunity to use them.  I’ll be releasing them as part of my #vetcare share series, and hope you will share them, too.