JAVMA News shares our Nationwide® | Purdue Veterinary Price Index

Considering the interest Dr. Michael Dicks, the AVMA’s chief economist, showed in our Nationwide® | Purdue Veterinary Price Index when we released the first batch of data at an event at the NAVC conference, I was not at all surprised to find the study covered in the current JAVMA news — but I was delighted nonetheless.

I think most everyone in our veterinary community would agree that it is truly ground-breaking for a pet insurance company — not least of all the first and still largest of them — to give so much data to an independent third party for analysis. At Nationwide/VPI we’ve been very pleased to see the veterinary community respond so enthusiastically to this move on our part. This, of course,  is part of a larger effort to share non-proprietary information that we feel will benefit veterinarians, pet-owners and of course, pets.

Later this week I’ll be meeting to finalize arrangements with Dr. Kevin J. Mumford of the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University for the first of our planned quarterly updates, along with digging a little deeper for the interesting tidbit we promised to find every quarter. I’ll be posting all that here first, so watch this space.  And if you haven’t downloaded our executive summary or would like to take a look at the methodology used, you can find both documents in our library. Just click on this link to on the right of this page.


Studies show that pet owners want the best care for their animal companions, including preventive and wellness care. The struggle, these same pet-owners will tell you, is paying that lump sum for well-pet and dental care. And because so many things are competing for a place in the household’s budget, it’s too easy for clients to push off elective procedures until they become urgent ones that cannot be ignored.

That’s not good for pets, their owners or their veterinarians.

P_WS_Logo_color-120x60Wellness plans address this critical issue, offering pet-owners ways to get the care they want and their pets need, broken into manageable monthly payments. Wellness programs can be easily integrated into your practice. The result is loyal clients, empowered employees and results that fulfill both the desire to practice good medicine and the need to bolster the bottom line.

But where do you start? How about with a free one-hour webinar I’ve put together that addresses many of these concerns? It’s open to AAHA members, and participants in this conference will:

  • Learn how the Bayer/Brakke Veterinary Usage Study set the tone for a focus on preventive health care;
  • Learn about Partners for Healthy Pets, an AAHA- and AVMA-led coalition of veterinary groups and associations that offers easy-to-implement programs that can benefit your practice;
  • Learn what preventive care options are available to assist your practice’s growth, resulting in highly bonded clients, better medicine and better bottom lines.

Throughout the course you will discover the options available for practice owners and managers who want to develop a preventive-care culture in their practice. Participants earn 1 hour of CE credit. This free webinar is available on demand in the AAHA Web Conferences archive. Call AAHA’s Member Service Center at 800-883-6301 if you need assistance.

And if you’re not an AAHA member, I cover wellness plans and care in many of the talks I give to VMAs. You can also tap into the excellent resources offered by Partners for Healthy Pets, or find out more about our custom wellness plans offered through VPI P&WS.