Three questions for … Iowa State’s Jodi Pollema

Our Nationwide field veterinarians are continuing to lecture at schools and college of veterinary medicine, and selecting a student from each to feature. Dr. Cyndie Courtney was at the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine recently, and chose Jodi Pollema (2021) for our “Three Questions” treatment:

Will you please share something unexpected you discovered or learned on your path to veterinary medicine?

I’ve learned to keep an open mind because you never know what opportunities will come up. I grew up on a beef cattle farm and was convinced I was going to practice in production veterinary medicine one day. However, to round out my application I started shadowing and eventually got a job in small animal primary care. I went on a veterinary mission trip in Nicaragua during a winter break in undergrad where we had a spay/neuter clinic that was very hands-on, and I became even more intrigued by small animal medicine. So, for now, I am tracking small animal and hope to own my own practice someday. But, who knows? I’m keeping an open mind!











What is your vision for the future of veterinary medicine and how does it influence the way you’re preparing?

Veterinary medicine as a whole includes an increase in doctor/client/patient relationships and communication. Pets, specifically, are becoming more a part of the family than ever, so our job as veterinarians is to communicate with the owners about how to best care for their pets/members of the family. As I journey through vet school, I am keeping this in minds and trying to absorb the facets of individual breeds and species in order to enhance this relationship in the future.

Would you tell us one thing about yourself that would surprise your veterinary colleagues?

I married my high school sweetheart last summer (June, 2017) while we were both 20 years old, and I started vet school at Iowa State that fall after only two years of undergrad at South Dakota State University (I do not have a bachelor’s degree). My husband and I live in the vet student trailer park here in Ames, and we are excited to move back to Northwest Iowa and, Lord willing, start our family and careers after I graduate.


Thanks, Jodi!