Hometown Veterinary Hospital: On the hunt for bargains

We’re catching up on the story of senior field veterinarian Dr. Kristi Yee, who fulfilled her dream of owning her own practice when she opened the Hometown Veterinary Hospital in July.

Today, we’re talking about bargains: How far would you go for a great one?

For Dr. Yee, that meant flying to Chicago from Michigan and driving home with one set of bargains, and driving to Virginia and back for another. What it worth it? You bet it was!

Midwestern highway in front, blue skies and clouds

How about these deals?

  • Best deal: $20,000’s worth of crates for $2K.
  • Online screaming bargain: $2500 autoclave for $1K
  • Drive, she said: Surgical table in Virginia for $1K

That kind of savings makes a big difference any time, but it really does when you’re starting a new business from scratch.

Look around: You never know what you’ll find.


Next up: Option A or Option B? What would you choose? What did Dr. Yee decide?