Hometown Veterinary Hospital: Finding inspiration everywhere

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As we’ve mentioned in previous posts here and here, our senior field veterinarian Dr. Kristi Yee has been planning to have her own veterinary practice since she was a new associate DVM working for someone else.

Not surprisingly, that means she has been collecting ideas for a long time. More surprising, perhaps, is where she found inspiration. Or maybe not, because if you look, you can find ideas anywhere!

How about the assisted living facility when Dr. Yee visits her grandmother? These floors are look sturdy and easy to clean!

Nursing home flooring in a wood tone, with lady in wheelchair obscured.

How about what’s overhead? Dr. Yee liked the lighting at Lenscrafters.

Recessed lighting at Michigan lenscrafter

And finally, how about this fluid pump? Do the nurses like it? All part of Dr. Yee’s research.

IV fluid pusher being pushed by patient

Our next post will have some “reader engagement,” with some of the choices Dr. Yee was offered. Will let you pick your favorite, and then we’ll show what Dr. Yee picked, and how it looks now!