Hambone Award: Honoring pet survivors and the veterinary teams who save them

It’s time to vote for the annual Hambone Award, which we give out every year to the most amazing recovery from our claims. We honor the pet and the owner, and we honor the veterinary practice as well — the latter with a $10,000 grant to help other pets in need of veterinary care. Click here to vote!

Here are the nominees, and the veterinary practices that saved them (if they agreed to participate):

Colbie2Colbie (Emergency Pet Hospital of Redlands, Calif. ): Colbie the husky mix was making great strides adjusting to her new family after her adoption until one day when she had a huge craving for chicken and landed in the emergency veterinary hospital. Read more >

BentlyBentley: (Belmont, Mass.): Despite his owner’s caution, the golden retriever attempted to “assist” her in putting together candy bouquets with a glue gun. He managed to get glue on his eyelid, gluing it shut. A local emergency practice had to get him out of the sticky situation. Read more >

ZnZZiva and Zeus (Pet Emergency Clinic, Spokane, Wash.): The two adventurous German shepherds got out and somehow managed to fall into an abandoned missile silo, where they were trapped for 21 days until found. Read more >

DottieDottie (Allegheny Veterinary Emergency Trauma and Specialty, Monroeville, Pa.): The Irish setter fell into a pond and was electrocuted — along with her owner, who has trying to save her — by a malfunctioning pond heater. Read more >

BlitzenBlitzen (Garden City Veterinary Care of Mineola, N.Y., and Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center of Westbury, N.Y.): Every veterinarian has seen the incredible things dogs will eat. In the case of Blitzen the dachshund, the object of his appetite was drywall. Read more >

SugarCookieSugar Cookie (Carolina Veterinary Specialists, Huntersville, N.C.): Sugar Cookie the Siberian cat, like all cats, has a soft spot for soft, warm spots. When she was accidentally trapped in a running clothes dryer, her fluff almost folded. Read more >

SkyeSkye (Animal Care Unlimited, Columbus, Ohio): You’d think a fenced-in tennis court would be  a safe place for a dog to get some exercise, but Skye, a German short-haired pointer, picked a bad place not to look where she was going. Read more >

ZoeZoe (Knowles Central 24 Hour Animal Clinic of Miami, Fla.): Zoe the cat took an near-tragic leap of faith off her owner’s fifth-floor balcony, ending up with three fractured ribs, pulmonary contusions and multiple luxations. Read more >

GingerGinger (Animal Emergency Hospital of Redmond, Wash.): Following a wild animal attack, Ginger flew up a tree, and when he fell, he ended up needing multiple surgeries on his fractured jaw and leg. Read more >

CheddarCheddar (Northway Animal Emergency Clinic, Gansevoort, N.Y.): When a jacket being used to clear smoke from kitchen fire landed on a chandelier, the light fixture fell on the Labrador mix. Cheddar ended up with a deep laceration — but it could have been far worse. Read more >

MaddyMaddy (Heritage Animal Hospital of Hilton Head Island, N.C.): The water-loving Labrador was stung be a stingray while with family at the beach. Following assistance by a veterinary technician who happened to be nearby, Maddie’s deep wound was treated by a veterinarian who helped out after practice hours. Read more >

HowardHoward (Bodhi Animal Hospital, San Diego, Calif.): Howard the golden retriever gave his owners the shock of their lives when they realized he had pulled an electronics charger out of the wall and eaten it. (Howard’s story made the San Diego Union-Tribune!)  Read more >

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