Picture this: Fresh, friendly looks in today’s veterinary practices

When I started my career at Nationwide, back when it was Veterinary Pet Insurance, visiting veterinary practices for “lunch-and-learns” was a regular part of my work. I enjoyed it, and admit that I missed it as I was promoted in the company.

Eventually, of course, I ended up as Chief Veterinary Officer, first for the pet insurance division and now for the entire company. It’s challenging and rewarding, but I still miss time spent visiting practices. I get to meet colleagues at veterinary conferences, of course, and veterinary students at their schools and at VBMA events.

Seeing how different practices look, are set up and run, however, was always so interesting.

SmileRecently,  a member of our communications team went on a ride-along with Jamie Turner, our field representative in the Phoenix metro area. The pictures she shared reminded me of how each practice has a special look, and how they reflect the staff and the owners. Bright, clean surroundings. Safe, fresh, friendly waiting areas . Attractive art and signage. These combine for an atmosphere that  make pets and pet-owners feel more calm, and more welcome. And a smile at the desk? The best part of a practice visit!

tileOur communications team member took lots of pictures of the lobbies of the practices, and when I saw this one from the McClintock Animal Care Center of Tempe, it reminded me of an article in Vetted, on the using otherwise wasted wall space to mount the practice logo, as McClintock did here.

From Vetted:

You’ve worked hard at your veterinary practice to build word-of-mouth and a good reputation in the community. So, once pet owners walk through the door, you’re done branding and explaining why your practice is so special, right? No way. Time for the wall.

A logo wall puts to work that unused space behind your reception desk—or an empty wall of the waiting area.

You can even take it a step further, like some Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Competition Merit Award winners did. John Talmadge, DVM, of Bigger Road Veterinary Center in Springboro, Ohio, included the practice’s mission statement in addition to their logo. Not only does it look good, but Dr. Talmadge says it really sums up the passion the entire team has for your practice in one easy—and eye-catching—phrase.

“I can take 45 minutes to tell you everything about this clinic, but the reality is that we don’t have that long to talk to everyone,” Talmadge says. “So when you have a little sound bite, those are the things that people start to remember, and if you do it right it communicates what you’re all about.”

Individuality reigns

The Vetted article has several examples, and the Tempe practice fits right in, with its logo so handsomely displayed.  But McClintock wasn’t the only Phoenix-area veterinary practice  to use wall art to reinforce branding and pet-positive messaging. Our communications specialist had two words to describe the practices she visited with Jamie: “They’re gorgeous!”

Thanks to the McClintock Animal Care Center, as well as the Dobson Ranch Animal Hospital, the Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital, the Foothills Animal Hospital, the University Animal Hospital and the Ahwatukee Commons Veterinary Hospital for being so friendly to Jamie as she patiently explained what she does and how to her ride-along co-worker. A smile really does go a long way on both sides of the counter!

I do have to say that one of the favorite pictures of the day was of the counter at Ahwatukee Animal Care:

MatIf you like it too, we can get you one for your practice! Just let us know.