Dale Jr. and Nationwide: A landmark ad for pet health insurance

If you’re a NASCAR fan (as my husband is), you may have noticed our recent ad with Dale Earnhardt Jr., featuring his entire family, pets most definitely included. But did you know that the Dale Jr. ad marks an historic moment for pet health insurance in the United States?

That’s because “The Whisperer,” which is  already getting a big thumbs up from the “#JrNation” is the first time pet health insurance has been featured in a nationally televised ad. Here it is:



I suspect this ad is going to spark a lot of exam-room discussions in our veterinary practices, as pet-owners bring up the subject on their own.  We know from the comments across our social media platforms that pet-owners have had some interesting reactions. Almost all positive! After “Pet health insurance? I never heard of it!” the most popular comment seems to be, “I didn’t know Nationwide® offers insurance for pets!”

We have, for more than 30 years. Even when we were Veterinary Pet Insurance, Nationwide has been behind us. And now, with the power of the same name marking us as part of the “On Your Side” family, we’re able to bring our commitment to pets, the people who own them and the veterinary community that works to keep everyone healthy to a bigger audience than ever before.

With our Whole Pet With Wellness — covering 90 percent of almost everything a veterinarian does, prescribes or recommends — launching to acceptance far higher than our expectations, the time is right for those conversations.

Is your veterinary practice ready for them? If the answer is no, let us know how we can help.  We’ll get you some free materials for your practice. It’ll just take a minute to order them here.