#CurePetCancer2017: A hashtag that helps advance hope

November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month, and as we do every year, Nationwide® is partnering with the Animal Cancer Foundation, using the #CurePetCancer2017 hashtag to increase awareness and raise funds to fight the top disease-related killer of dogs and cats.

Everyone can join: The entire veterinary community and pet-lovers everywhere. Here’s how it works:

During the month of November, Nationwide will donate $5 to the Animal Cancer Foundation, up to $50,000, for every photo, story or statistic shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #CurePetCancer2017. That’s it! (Our CurePetCancer.com has more details along with great information to share with pet-owners!)

Cure Pet CancerLast year we received more than 78,000 pet insurance claims for cancer diagnosis and treatment, as our members accumulated more than $23 million in medical expenses for pet cancer-related conditions.

Treatment for these conditions can carry a heavy financial burden for pet-owners. Lymphoma, for example, cost our members an average of $1,524 per pet with the diagnosis. To ensure Nationwide members receive optimal cancer treatment, Nationwide medical policies include benefits for the diagnosis and treatment of cancerous conditions, such as metastasis screening, chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy.

Along with awareness for early detection, we want to spread awareness of  hope, too: Advances in early detection and treatment, along with affordable financial solutions such as pet health insurance, have given pet lovers the ability to help their pets fight back. They need to know that “cancer” is treatable, and can be survivable. And even when it’s not, they should know there are strategies for prolonging a good period of high-quality life for many pets.

Getting the word out is why we started Pet Cancer Awareness Month in 2005, and we’ve donated tens of thousands to help since.

Will you help get the word out? Together, we can go a long way towards the day when we can #CurePetCancer2017.