What are the most common medical conditions for dogs and cats? We know!

While common issues such as allergic dermatitis and otitis externa are rarely life-threatening, they can be painful to pets and unexpected and expensive in the eyes of pet owners.

At Nationwide, we recently sorted through our database of more than 650,000 insured pets to determine the top medical conditions that prompted veterinary visits for dogs and cats last year. In 2017, Nationwide members spent more than $96 million to treat the top 10 most common medical conditions affecting dogs and cats.

It should come to no surprise to my colleagues in the veterinary community that we encourage pet owners to schedule regular preventive care examinations as recommended by their veterinarians for early diagnosis of these conditions. We also share this list of Our Most Common Medical Conditions every year to help raise awareness about the likelihood of diseases affecting pets, and the importance of seeking veterinary care.

In 2017, allergic dermatitis was the most common health issue among Nationwide insured canines with more than 140,000 individual claims at an average cost of $255 per dog. Cystitis/urinary tract disease accounted for the most common medical condition among Nationwide-insured felines with more than 5,800 claims received at an average cost of $495 per cat.

Periodontitis accounted for the costliest canine medical condition on the list with an average cost of $400 per dog. The most expensive feline medical condition on the list was diabetes mellitus, which carries a significantly higher cost of $889 per cat.

Here’s the list: