Be bold: You really can have your own practice

No one has ever doubted Dr. Kristi Yee‘s determination once she sets her goals. Our senior field veterinarian — she has been lecturing at veterinary schools and colleges for us for 13 years — has long wanted to be the owner of her own practice.

Hometown Vet: Sign ready to mountAnd while that’s hard enough to pull off these days, imagine finally taking the leap just before a global pandemic puts the country into shelter-in-place mode and the economy into a tailspin. Not to mention the changes to veterinary medicine itself: The swift ramp up of telemedicine even as practices scrambled to figure out what they could and couldn’t count as essential, and how to manage with curbside drop-offs, staff members with children suddenly at home for homeschooling and all the rest.

No matter!

We’ve put together a series on Dr. Yee’s journey. Her Hometown Veterinary Hospital opened in July, and we’re bringing everyone up-to-date on the ups and the downs of what it took to get off the ground.

Follow along as we add more:

More coming!