Three questions for … Auburn’s Jacquie Cobb

When our Dr. Tonya Sparks visited the College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University earlier this month, she chose Jacquie Cobb (2019) to be our featured student. Here are Jacquie’s answers to our three questions:

Will you share something unexpected you discovered or learned on your path into to veterinary medicine?

While I always knew there was a homeless pet problem in our country, I never knew the extent of it. Hearing “millions of dogs and cats are euthanized each year” is completely different than experiencing it firsthand. In working at an animal control shelter, and subsequently founding an animal rescue, I live and breathe saving pets every day. Those homeless pets are who pushed me to go back to school to become a veterinarian – to further my education to enable me to help in an even bigger, more impactful way.

jacquie2What is your vision for the future of veterinary medicine and how does it influence the way you’re preparing to become a doctor?

I hope that the future of veterinary medicine enables us, as doctors, to provide the very best care for people’s family members. I also hope that the non-profit veterinary world continues to grow, allowing pets that may have never seen a veterinarian before to have the opportunity for basic care. I think there is a delicate balance that should allow veterinarians to make a great living while at the same time allowing us to have the opportunity to give back to our communities, and that veterinarians should rise to that challenge. Veterinarian used to be one of the most trusted professions, and that view is fading – I’d like to help bring that back.

Can you tell us one thing about yourself that would surprise your veterinary colleagues?

I love to travel – any place, any time, I am always up for a trip! In the last year alone, I’ve traveled to New Mexico (twice!), Colorado, North Carolina (four times!), Ohio, California, Minneapolis, Baton Route, Orlando (twice!), Key West, Arizona, New Orleans, Texas, Cuba, and Boston.


Thanks, Jacquie  and Dr. Sparks! Also of note: Jacquie is also the VMBA chapter president, the AHVMA national president-elect and president of Auburn’s Integrative Medicine Club. Good work!

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  1. I know Jacquie quite well and am sooo proud of her… after all, she is my granddaughter! What she didn’t mention in the article is that she has been volunteering in some capacity at various shelters and humane societies since she was about 11 years old, maybe younger. Now that she’s in Auburn studying to be a vet, she has gone several times to Indian reservations (for 2 weeks each time) where they don’t have any vets, and has taken care of the animals there, given shots, spayed and neutered them, and what ever else was needed to help make them healthy. She also is very much involved with Second City Canine Rescue (SCCR) which she founded along with two friends, and is still very, very much involved in it even from a distance. Jacquie has a very upbeat personality and people just love her from the first moment they meet her. All the volunteers at SCCR think the world of her… and they all give more than 150% because of her. She is very particular in how the rescue is run… everything is in the best interests of and for the dogs, and I believe that is why SCCR’s reputation is so admired…. because of Jacquie’s commitment to these animals. I love her and admire her so much!

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