Up in the air: Good reads for a travel day — or any day

I’m in Nashville this week for a meeting of the Partners for Healthy Pets, and then it’s time for the American Animal Hospital Association‘s annual conference.

I do a fair amount of air travel, and as a result, I’m pretty savvy about it. You’ll never catch me removing my shoes or taking my laptop out of its bag in the PreCheck security line. But I can’t say I have as many air miles behind me as Johnny DiScala, who blogs as Johnny Jet. I was thinking of his tip of the day as I sent my carry-on through security. He writes:

Don’t go through the metal detector until you’ve pushed your bags through and bins on to the conveyor belt. … If you get pulled over for secondary screening, don’t take your eyes off your bags. It takes mere seconds for someone to grab it a bag, take something out of it or worst of all, put something in.

His tip are well worth subscribing to if you do any air travel. Even experienced road warriors will find a gem now and then. Go here to sign up.

A few other good reads for the day, whether you’re heading to AAHA (or vacation) or not:

Spending on veterinary care up? Every year at the massive Global Pet Expo trade show, the American Pet Products Association has a news conference where they reveal the size of the overall pet industry, including spending on veterinary medicine.  From the APPA:

Veterinary Care demonstrated significant growth in 2013, with $14.37 billion in spending, second only to food category spending. While the number of veterinary visits is down, spending on care is rising. Pet insurance is also expected to increase in 2014. Included in the veterinary care figures, pet insurance is estimated at $650 million and projected to grow to over $870 million by next year.

At VPI, we have resources to help veterinary practices claim their part of what appears to be a rebound in veterinary spending. We also captured the improved outlook reported by practice owners in our VPI-Veterinary Economics Financial Health Study. The key to healthier pets, happier clients and a solid bottom line is getting pet owners in the door and keeping them bonded to your practice. Wellness plans such as P&WS can do that; contact us and we’ll show you how. I’ll be writing more on the APPA’s numbers in a future blog post.

Legislative updates: VIN News’ Edie Lau writes a balanced and informative article about the reintroduction of the so-called “Fairness to Pet Owners Act,” which the AVMA has come out strongly against.  … Meanwhile, the Veterinary Medical Mobility Act, which has no identifiable opposition, takes another important step towards becoming law, reports DVM360.com. (I’ve written about the VMMA before, here.)

New thinking on neutering: Again to DVM360.com, doing the heavy lifting regarding new information on canine castration that your clients may be bringing up, thanks to the influence of our pal Dr. Google. Make sure you’re up-to-date on the (ahem) cutting-edge research and cultural shifts. Part 1 is here, and Part 2 is here.

The power of “I’m sorry”: Our friend Dr. Beth Thompson of Vetstreet passes along this gem from our physician colleagues on when and how to apologize. It’s worth the few minutes it’ll take you to watch it. From Dr.  Eric Thomas, professor of  internal medicine at the UT Health Science Center at Houston: “It’s pretty clear now that [apologizing] is not only the right thing to do, but it also reduces claims.”

Close with a laugh: I saw this clip floating around and had to share it: