Laughter Is the Best (Veterinary) Medicine: 5 Smiles for a Monday

When we were developing my blog here at Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI), one of the categories that came up for consideration was “Veterinary Humor.” There were a few raised eyebrows at this, since I’m generally considered to be a pretty serious person. And even I had to admit that generating laughs probably wasn’t going to be my strong suit as far as this blog goes. But the good thing is that I do know when something’s funny, even if I may not very often be the originator of humorous content.

Fortunately, others are.

Take our colleague Dr. Andy Roark … please (ba-dum!). I know him to be a smart, thoughtful and caring person, and a past president of the Veterinary Business Management Assoc. (VBMA), an organization we at VPI have long supported. But suddenly I see Dr. Roark online dressed in a (dare I say it?) not particularly flattering “super-hero” suit or dog costume, doing videos for Vetstreet. Hmmmmmmm. And they’re funny. Hmmmmmm. And they’re … getting the message across! Dr. Roark for the win!

I asked Dr. Roark about this at the NAVC conference, specifically wondering if he got any feedback from veterinarians who thought his videos were making the profession look a little silly. He said he’d heard a little of that, but mostly the response had been positive. “Humor gets the message across when sometimes nothing else will,” he said.

Seems smart to me.

And now, here’s laugh No. 1, Dr. Roark’s “Top Five Ways To Drive Your Vet Crazy”:

You can find more at, here.

Four other things that made me smile … and I bet they’ll lift your day, too.

Veterinarians and zombies, together at last: I may not have a reputation for being the life of a party, but the AVMA isn’t much better. That’s why you have to love AVMA staffer Michael San Filippo’s clever article, “5 Reasons You Want a Veterinarian on Your Team in a Zombie Apocalypse“:

Veterinarians bring an enormous amount of talents to the table: They’re trained to treat all animals, from mice to elephants, from aardvarks to zebras and everything in between. They have expertise in animal welfare, food safety, environmental protection and public health. They work all over the world, in all types of fields, helping to ensure the health of animals and people. And, in the event of a zombie apocalypse, they might just be the most valuable survivors of all.

Talk to your veterinarian today about his or her zombie apocalypse plans!

Seriously, how can you not love that?

Because music parodies are always fun:
Dr. Sue Ettinger,  author and oncologist at the esteemed Animal Medical Center in Manhattan,  loved this and so do I. “Always Poke a Tiny Cancer” by the veterinary students at the University of Minnesota is good information and a catchy tune. That last I think you can attribute to Sir Elton John, who I hope has a great sense of humor, and better yet, a pet. Here you go:

Dr. Robert Miller’s finest, via VPI: I work with a lot of funny people, which is probably why a few years back we came up with the idea of commissioning Dr. Robert Miller to put together a collection of his cartoons aimed at the veterinary audience. You can still find them (and others of his very popular collected works) on Dr. Miller’s site, here.

And last but maybe not least?  I thought I’d give this humor thing a try. I used this on my social media last week. What do you think?


Enjoy the rest of your week!

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