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Our summer of 2017 veterinary student externs (pictured during their visit to VCA HQ) have this to say:

Danielle Harrington,  Iowa State University

How can a modern-day veterinary student differentiate herself, graduate confident in her ability to overcome millennial stereotypes and pay off student debt, while studying for sixteen hours a day? The solution: business education.

As externs at Nationwide, we learned from the best in our veterinary bubble about marketing, branding, public relations, and entrepreneurship. Each individual we learned from spoke of passion, risk-taking, and sweat equity as the primary reason for success. Because of these professionals, I was inspired to redefine my trajectory and explore the left side of my brain. It takes creativity (and guts) to respond to a negative review on Facebook, ensure that your staff are provided new areas of growth, or explain the urgency of a GDV to a frantic pet parent. I have always believed that business education is so much more than “owning your own practice,” and my time at Nationwide’s pet health insurance group further cemented this truth.

Kaitlin Wilson, Mississippi State University

My one-week externship with Nationwide was inspiring. My personal goal was to learn more about how the process worked behind the scenes. I would say that my goal was met and then some. The externship was half business (meetings with various companies) and half insurance (time with each department within Nationwide’s pet health insurance group). For me, the most valuable time was with a claims processor, going through nine or 10 claims, each completely different in its own way. Items that were declined and approved were explained in detail. Flags on accounts were discussed. For me, this gave me a bigger trust in the company and their process of following through on their promises.

Overall, it was a great experience and I would recommend this externship to any of my colleagues interested in pet health insurance or in business. Thank you to Nationwide and all the great people we met and helped us along that week!

Paige Livingston, University of California, Davis

Spending one week at Nationwide taught me not only about the services and products offered by the largest and first provider of pet health insurance, but also about the importance of business education and networking for future veterinarians. I loved getting to know the people behind the companies we met with as well as three fellow veterinary students from schools across the country.

By learning about the different pet health insurance products available, I will be better equipped to educate my peers and future clients on the importance of pet insurance. I learned about the latest insurance products: percent of invoice plans. These plans provide immense benefits to pets and their owners and allow them to receive recommended care without worrying about cost. I truly believe that pet insurance will change the future of veterinary medicine and pet health, so I’m very interested to see what the next few years bring in this arena!

I’m so thankful for this experience and will definitely encourage other UC Davis students to apply to this program in the future.

Cody Land, Purdue University

The Nationwide Externship was a fantastic experience that was truly eye-opening when it came to pet health insurance. I learned many things about insurance in general, a pretty helpful life skill in itself! My favorite part of the externship was getting to sit on calls with employees and hear them speak with customers to explain the products and how they work.This will definitely be useful in the future when talking to clients about their options with regards to pet health insurance.

On top of working with nearly all of the departments at Nationwide’s pet health insurance division, we were able to meet with companies outside of Nationwide that had valuable things to teach us about veterinary medicine. Don’t worry though: It wasn’t all hard work. We spent a large portion of a day in Santa Monica and Hollywood, experiencing quintessential tourist attractions. Overall, I had a fantastic week at Nationwide and would recommend this externship to everyone.

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