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Nationwide® supports veterinary students with programs designed to help develop tomorrow’s veterinarians ready themselves for entry into one of the most rewarding and challenging of professions. Here’s what we offer, both to schools and to individual students:

University series: veterinary career development
Nationwide sponsors this unique program to help future veterinarians with their skills in career development, business management and the legal elements of veterinary practice. The series is taught at 15 U.S. veterinary colleges and at St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine in Granada, by the well-the regarded industry speakers Jim Wilson, DVM, JD, Karl Salzsieder, DVM, JD, and Mark Opperman, CVPM. Find out more.

Nationwide veterinary speakers Drs. Cori Gross, Jim Wilson and Kristi Yee.

Dr. Cori Gross with Nationwide® veterinary speakers Drs. Jim Wilson and Kristi Yee

Student externship program
Nationwide’s annual veterinary student externship offers a chance for individuals to learn fundamental business concepts and skills as well as specific information about pet insurance. The one-week rotation takes place at Nationwide pet insurance’s Southern California offices. The program offers a ways to add vital business experience to a resume. The participants are chosen from a national applicant pool. Find out more and apply.

For more information on any of these programs, e-mail or call 866-838-4874 Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.



Three questions for …. Emily Douciere, LSU SVM

We’ve been training new field veterinarians at Nationwide Pet, preparing another generation of educators to help veterinary students understand how pet health insurance works, and how recommending it to clients supports the work of the veterinary profession. The training means I’ve been traveling more than usual, which I’ve kind of … Continue reading Three questions for …. Emily Douciere, LSU SVM


Three questions for … Oregon State’s Franci Forman

This has been the year of the non-traditional veterinary student here on the NationwideDVM blog, it seems! Seeing the range of experiences and the near-universal dedication to the goals of these students is inspiring. Because of this trend, it seems fitting to end our academic year of veterinary student profiles … Continue reading Three questions for … Oregon State’s Franci Forman


Three questions for … UCD’s Tricia Nguyen

While I don’t make all our veterinary school visits myself — Dr. Kristi Yee does some, and we’d started webcasting for others — I have to admit that I always like to save the visit to the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine for myself. Yes, it’s where … Continue reading Three questions for … UCD’s Tricia Nguyen


BluePrints Veterinary Marketing gives a master class to our student externs

The highlight of our summer for Nationwide’s Veterinary Relations team is hosting our veterinary student externs. This year, we added BluePrints Veterinary Marketing Group of nearby Costa Mesa to our externs’ itinerary, because these days a solid foundation of marketing and up-to-date knowledge of social media is essential to the … Continue reading BluePrints Veterinary Marketing gives a master class to our student externs