About Dr. McConnell

I started this blog because of my deep love for the veterinary profession, and because with my background both in medicine and business, I thought I had information that could help my colleagues. Fortunately, the folks at Nationwide not only agreed, but liked the idea.

As part of my efforts, I’m also able to draw from our experiences as the country’s first and still largest pet health insurance company, founded as Veterinary Pet Insurance. We have more than half a million customers and more than 30 years worth of claims, and we’re pulling from those to help veterinarians. With this information, I hope to help you communicate better with your clients, prioritize your efforts for a better-run practice and to develop business strategies that work for your personal finance health as well as that of your business. I’ll also be sharing the gems I find elsewhere, both in our own trade media, as well as items of interest I find in the great science, medicine and business communities.

From time to time I’ll also invite in guest bloggers who have something special to offer the veterinary community. And because life can be so serious, I plan to find some light-hearted material as well.

Why? It just seemed like something we needed. So many times I’m sitting in my office, and I’ll see something that I believe needs to be shared with my colleagues for the good of our profession. Ours is a profession in transition, with so many challenges. What better time than now to offer what I can to help the profession we all love?

Here’s my short official bio (I want to keep this friendly, so no CV). Those of you know me well pretty much know my background. Those who don’t know me, please say hello the next time you see me at a veterinary conference. In the meantime, feel free to comment on any post or drop me a line privately at NationwideDVM@petinsurance.com.

Carol McConnell, DVM, MBA


Dr. Carol McConnell is the chief veterinary medical officer at Nationwide. A graduate of Cornell University and the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine, she also holds a master’s degree in business administration from Purdue University.

Prior to joining Nationwide (then VPI) in 2004, Dr. McConnell worked in the biomedical industry and practiced veterinary medicine at a Delaware veterinary hospital. She has been a guest lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania and a veterinary radiology department fellow at UC Davis. Dr. McConnell is the recipient of several awards, including an American Veterinary Medical Association award for promoting the veterinary profession.